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EP # 6 - Crave Worthy Cooking with Bob Blumer, Author of Flavorbomb Cookbook

December 23, 2020

Bob Blumer, author of the new cookbook Flavorbomb: A Rogue Guide to Making Everything Taste Better (Appetite/Penguin Random House), decodes how chefs coax big flavors through ingredients, gear, and techniques to achieve crave-worthy cooking. We are all overwhelmed and exhausted in our Covid kitchens. Grab your pen and get ready to be inspired!! Delicious is a victory. Go get yours!

ABOUT BOB - Bob Blumer is the Host of Food Network’s Surreal Gourmet and Glutton for Punishment. He has written six cookbooks and broken eight food-related Guinness World Records. He is a professional gastronaut, artist, and ambassador for Second Harvest in Toronto; personally raising over $250K to alleviate hunger for the perishable food bank. In his books and appearances around the globe, Bob transforms ordinary ingredients into wow-inspiring dishes through simple cooking methods and whimsical presentations that have become his culinary trademark.

LINKS TO BUY BOOK -  in USA –, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, in Canada - Indigo.

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Happy safe and healthy holidays from my family to yours!

XOXO Enjoy – Nickie

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